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3 Tips for Preventing Winter Storm Damage to Commercial Structures

5/13/2021 (Permalink)

Floor of an office with mud, flooded office Flood damage to an office building due to a broken pipe.

Steps To Prevent Winter Storm Damage To Your Commercial Property

A winter storm has the potential to cause as much storm damage as a thunderstorm. Sleet, ice, wind and snow all pose risks to structures. There are some actions that can help prevent or mitigate the negative impacts of blizzards, snow squalls and other winter weather events on commercial buildings.

1. Winterize Exposed Pipes and Faucets
Sudden temperature drops may result in a pipe break, which can, in turn, lead to a water catastrophe that requires the services of a professional cleanup service in Barnardsville, NC, to handle. Insulating exposed pipes and outdoor faucets and taps can keep them from freezing and bursting. First, the water valves connecting to them need to be shut off and any attached hoses disconnected and stored in a sheltered location. Second, the water needs to be drained out. Finally, protective pipe insulation needs to be wrapped around each pipe and faucet.

2. Clean the Roof and Gutters
It is important to clean debris and gunk out of gutters before a winter storm. This will allow liquid to drain properly in the case of freezing rain. It is equally important to remove snow and ice from both the roof and gutters after the event. A pileup of packed snow can collapse the roof, and even if it doesn't, when melted it may cause mold and other damage. Water can also freeze in the gutters, creating ice dams whose weight can pull them off.

3. Caulk Cracks and Openings
Small holes and cracks around windows and other areas can allow cold air to seep in. Even indoor pipes may freeze if chilly winds enter the structure, lowering the temperature. Doing an inspection of the building and reapplying and applying caulk to any areas that need it can help prevent this.
A winter storm can cause a great deal of trouble if appropriate measures are not taken. Pipes exploding and roofs falling in are very real possibilities that can be warded off with a little extra work, so it is important to keep a close eye on the weather and prepare for severe incidents.

3 Tips on Pet Fire Safety

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Dog sitting on a carpet bottom of the picture it says FIRE TIP Place a Window Cling to alert firefighters about pets within your home in case of a fire.

Keep Your Pets Safe In The Event Of A Fire

Emergency personnel worldwide agree that a carefully devised fire escape plan is necessary for all homeowners. Not only is it critical to account for your human family members, but preparing a plan for your animals is important as well. Follow these simple steps to keep your household pets safe in the event of a fire emergency.

1. Practice
When practicing your fire escape plan, make sure to include your pets. Pet preparation is essential, so ensure you have the proper precautions in place for your furry friends:

  • Emergency supply kit
  • Collar with name and contact information
  • A place to stay if evacuation is required

Make it a routine to grab your pets when you gather your family and head out the door during a fire drill. Repeating actions helps make your escape feel second nature when panic ensues.

2. Pet-Proof Your Home
Family pets are often responsible for igniting house fires. Pet-proofing your house in Biltmore Forest, NC, ensures both pet safety and fire prevention.
Many animals possess incredibly inquisitive natures. As such, they curiously investigate any open flame, stove knob, or culinary appliance. Avoid a fire emergency or the need for fire damage assessment by pet-proofing your kitchen and smothering any candles or open flames before leaving the house.
If you are the proud owner of a puppy or another young pet, keep it secure in a gated room or crate when you are away. Baby animals' mischief knows no bounds, so ensure both of your safety by keeping them enclosed and away from fire hazards.

3. Cooperate With Firefighters
Make firefighters' jobs uncomplicated by providing them easy access to your pets. Keeping your animals close to an entrance ensures their safe recovery in the event of a fire. Furthermore, place leashes and collars in locations that are simple to find. Entry closets or garages are handy places where emergency workers may look to locate pet paraphernalia.
With practice and preparation, you can avoid the catastrophes created by a housefire. Always include pets in your fire emergency plan to keep your entire household safe and secure.

Preventing Mold After a Flood

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Two air movers Use fans and a dehumidifier to increase evaporation speed and reduce moisture in the air.

How Do You Get Rid Of Mold After A Flood

Faced with flooding, business owners in Barnardsville, NC, have another worry to add to the list: mold growth. Since mold spores are always around, the aftermath of excess water provides an ideal environment for it to flourish. Immediately addressing the issue is essential to minimizing its spread.

Fast-Growing Fungus
When mold has moisture, a food source and a warm, humid environment, it can start to grow in 24 to 48 hours. The longer it sits, the increased chances of it spreading to another area. If the issue isn't taken care of, new colonies have the potential to form throughout the property. Below are a few ways to prevent mold growth.

If the outdoor humidity levels are lower, open the building to increase airflow and ventilation.
Remove saturated items, especially absorbent materials, such as ceiling tiles and paper.
Begin extracting any standing water.
If safe to do so, use fans and a dehumidifier to increase evaporation speed and reduce moisture in the air.

Professional Help
While those steps may help minimize it from spreading, getting the right help is essential for proper cleanup and avoiding future issues. This is especially important if the excess water came from a sewage backup or natural flooding. This type of water will also have bacteria and other contaminants that require additional safety measures for cleanup. When choosing a certified water and mold damage company, you get peace of mind that they will adhere to industry standards, have the tools and techniques to restore your business, and use an array of methods to clean and salvage as much as possible.
Although it may be easy to focus on all the extra water, mold growth needs to be a top consideration after any kind of water issue. Acting fast and finding the right expert to handle it makes it faster and easier to get back to "Like it never even happened."

Handling the Immediate Aftermath of a Commercial Fire

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire can be confusing and panic-inducing.

Fire Restoration And Claim Success

Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire can be confusing and panic-inducing. Most people, if they're lucky, never experience a fire disaster. However, as a manager or business owner, if you do experience such a disaster, it is crucial that you understand what to do following the event. There are at least three steps that you should take immediately following the emergency to ensure fire restoration and claim success.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company
When the fire department leaves the scene, the first thing that you should do is contact your commercial insurance provider. You will need to explain the circumstances surrounding the event and officially request to file a claim. Your fire insurance policy agent should schedule an insurance adjuster to come out to the site and review the damage. Depending on the severity of the incident, it can take a few days or more for the adjuster to arrive.

2. Contact a Restoration Service
You should not hesitate to hire a remediation or restoration company in Asheville, NC. Waiting can lead to more damage, and that is likely damage that your insurance company will not cover. A significant job of a restoration service is mitigation, meaning to stop further problems from developing. On contact, the restoration service should send out a project manager or team to inspect your facility and come up with a recovery game plan. The service will also work with your insurer to help protect the claims process.

3. Take Pictures for Proof of Loss
If your facility is accessible and safe to walk through, you should go around and take pictures of the damage and equipment loss, some equipment is likely salvageable through smoke cleaning. Additionally, you want to find receipts or any evidence of past purchases to show the insurance adjuster when they arrive for their investigation.
A commercial fire is a terrifying experience. It is normal to feel out of your depth during a rare personal experience. However, it is also necessary to keep your wits about you and follow standard fire restoration protocols to ensure business recovery.

How To Clean Up After a Sewer Backup

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

Breaker box with the word CUT THE POWER! Make sure to turn off the electricity to avoid shocks or fires.

Sewage Cleaning Process

A toilet overflow can be terrible already, but in the case of a clogged pipe and sewage backup, it's much more severe. In addition to potentially causing extensive water damage and secondary damage, sewer water is also extremely unsanitary. You must get the sewage cleaning process underway immediately to avoid as much loss as possible.
Whether hiring water damage cleanup experts or doing it yourself, here's the typical cleaning process after a water disaster involving sewage:

1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment
It's essential to wear PPE while you're handling the cleanup process. The most critical PPE are rubber boots, coveralls, gloves, a respirator and goggles.

2. Shut Off Utilities
Utilities must be shut off before the work begins. This includes electricity, gas and water. If you can't safely navigate to the breaker box or gas shutoff, a professional should be called out to do it. Electricity can flow freely and dangerously through a room where electronics are in the same area as the standing water.

3. Extract Standing Water
A wet/dry vacuum can be a tremendous help during the initial phase of the sewage cleaning process. It can safely, quickly and efficiently extract standing water and smaller debris.

4. Remove Contents
Remove as many belongings as possible from the affected area. Then, separate salvageable items from unsalvageable. Anything that can't be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized and entirely dried within 48 hours may have to be disposed of. Carpet and upholstered furniture are commonly unsalvageable after this type of disaster. Sections of drywall also typically have to be cut out and replaced.

5. Clean and Disinfect
Use a low-suds detergent to clean the area as thoroughly as possible. Don't forget tiny crevices and higher areas where dirty water could've splashed. Then disinfect everything with a sanitizing solution.

6. Dry
Finally, it's critical to dry the entire area and all contents fully within 48 hours; mold can begin growing quickly. Open windows and doors and use dehumidifiers, fans, heaters and exhaust ventilation fans to remove the humidity.
When your Royal Pines, NC, home sustains damage from a toilet overflow, you must begin sewage cleaning immediately. Quick remediation helps to avoid extreme damage.

Choosing a Large Loss Response Company

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

floodwaters in office building Commercial flood damage in Royal Pines, NC.

Choosing a Large Loss Response Company

If your business experiences catastrophic loss, you need to choose the right company to handle the situation. There are a few things that you need to look for when deciding on a company. Here are some different things to look for when choosing a large loss response company.

Look for a Company That Can Handle the Job
Catastrophic loss requires the best disaster restoration company in Buncombe County. Only top-notch professionals can respond to the largest losses. These companies have special supervisors trained to handle the operation, ensure seamless communication, and keep the mitigation on track. These companies also have trained technicians who specialize in different areas of commercial restoration. By putting together a team like this, you will be in professional hands and have fewer unexpected costs associated with a smaller company trying to perform this work. Some businesses that should look for a larger company include:

  • Hospitality businesses
  • Apartments or other commercial properties
  • Universities
  • Government buildings

Check Out Their Past Clients
Whether you are dealing with hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, or flooding, it is crucial to make sure the company you choose has experience. Once you find a company that can handle a large loss situation, you need to research them. Check out the company's background in the industry. Look at their past clients and see if any compare to the size of your company. Also, make sure some catastrophic loss situations match yours. Whether you have wildfires, hurricanes, floods, or blizzards, look for a comparable situation so that you know they have the experience necessary to handle your disaster.
When dealing with storm damage and large losses in a commercial setting, it is important to find a restoration company that can handle your situation. To find the right company, look for one with experience with your type and size disaster, so you know they have the relevant experience necessary to get the job done.

Steps You Can Take To Avoid Major Plumbing Issues

2/17/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded carpet, water damage in office building. Commercial water damage in Montreat, NC.

Implement The Following Four Steps

When a pipe breaks or the toilet overflows, are you prepared to handle the chaos? Do you know who to call? Was there something you could have done to stop the event from happening? Plumbing problems often start small, exacerbating overtime when permitted to linger. Commercial owners in Montreat, NC may not know the signs to look for or how to minimize the travesty. There are ways to do that, but it requires some organization and proactive measures. To avoid a wet mess, owners should implement the following four steps.

1. Remain Aware
A broken pipe likely starts with a tiny crack or pinhole. Proprietors need to remain vigilant about the lines, keeping an eye for anything that changes or is concerning. Make it a habit to walk the property at least once a month. Look at the foundation, walls and ceiling, checking for changes in formation. These alterations could indicate water intrusion. In addition, assess sinks, commodes and appliances, ensuring the work property and do not have any leaks.

2. Rely on Professional Inspections
Don't fix it yourself. Instead, have the name of a specialist who handles plumbing problems. Ask other business owners who they have used, having the information handy. Schedule a yearly overview of your building to see that it's up to code and flowing correctly.

3. Mend Small Problems Immediately
A water main break is a mess. Massive amounts of fluid saturate the rooms, ruining your merchandise and fixtures. This can shut down an establishment until a water remediation company completes repairs. To avoid craziness, tend to concerns immediately. Spending the money on a small repair could save you from a shutdown or major overhaul job.

4. Upgrade the Facility's Lines
During your annual check-in, consider any recommendations, especially about changing parts or enhancing the plumbing structure. Older pipes can become fragile, breaking easily. Paying for sturdy material could reduce the probability of a catastrophe.
Your eyes and your schedule are essential in warding off plumbing problems. Be mindful of what's going on with the structure. Catching things early is a game-changer.

Fire Damaged House

2/14/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen burned Fire damage in an Asheville, NC home

As a homeowner you know, a fire on your property in Asheville, NC is one of the most difficult realities to face.  Unfortunately, a fire can destroy the structural integrity of your property as well as your personal possessions within a very short period. When you consider the physical and financial losses that fire damage can cause, it is easy to see why many homeowners fall prey to emotional trauma afterward. To ensure that you would be able to grapple effectively with fire, if one occurs in your home, consider the helpful information outlined below:  

What Causes Fire And Fire Damage? 

Fires result from several chemical and thermal processes involving three basic elements: oxygen, a flame or spark(heat), and fuel. This type of chemical reaction is exothermic, that is it releases heat. The fuel sustains the fire and also gives it the materials necessary to facilitate combustion. Some combustible materials include rubber, plastics, cardboard, paper, and wood. These sound like building materials. For a fire to start, a heating component must come in contact with combustible material. The heating element will then warm the material to the point of ignition. At this point, the material will explode or ignite. 

The Effects of Fire Damage

When your house is affected by fire, the damages caused can be very costly. This is especially the case if the fire adversely impacts the structural integrity of your property. If the damage is severe enough, a professional restoration company like SERVPRO may work for weeks or months to return your Asheville home to its former condition. If smoke and fire coat your possessions and home in a substantive layer of ash and soot, removing the debris can be very difficult and demands a high degree of expertise. Additionally, the water used by firefighters to extinguish the flames in your house can generate water damage. This water compounds the fire-damaged interior of your Asheville home.

Hiring A Professional Fire Repair and Restoration Company  

In many cases, homeowners want to take care of the cleanup and home restoration processes for themselves. However, the extensive damage caused by fires makes it advisable to hire a professional company like SERVPRO. Fire and smoke damage are especially destructive. The damage caused can destroy valuable items, deplete financial assets, and cause emotional trauma. Additionally, homeowners will often have a large number of responsibilities to handle during the aftermath of a fire. Hiring a professional restoration company is the way to ease the burden of responsibilities and out-of-pocket expenses while also ensuring that the restoration process flows professionally and smoothly. Look for a company that focuses on restoration rather than replacement as the first option.


Although dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be difficult, attaining professional assistance can help you restore your residential property to its former condition.  SERVPRO takes pride in its expert technicians on consistently working with dedication and determination. You will receive the best remediation services on the block. 

Why Mold Keeps Coming Back and What To Do About It

2/3/2021 (Permalink)

Drywall removed - there's a broken pipe and mold growth Mold found after a pipe break

The second you discovered mold growth under a potted plant in the corner of the office, you jumped into action. You removed the plant, deep cleaned the area, and replaced the carpet. But a few months later, you noticed a mildew smell in the same spot. The mold is back! Repeat efforts gained the same result—returning mold. Now what?

Reasons Mold Returns

Mold is everywhere—indoors and outdoors. Spores settle in places where there are high humidity and moisture. If mold continues to return to the same spot, it is likely a sign of a leak or more extensive water damage than you previously realized. Although you replaced the carpet under the plant, the subfloor could be holding moisture. There could also be a leaking pipe behind the wall near the plant where mold is happily continuing to grow.

How To Prevent Mold Regrowth

Long-term mold prevention might require some effort and expense upfront. The most important thing to know is that mold is very difficult to clean entirely without the proper training and tools. Therefore, the very best option for getting ahead of mold growth is to call a commercial mold damage specialist in Black Mountain, NC to come and evaluate your building.

Evaluation: The professionals will use special tools, such as thermal imaging cameras, to look for potential leaks behind the walls.
Containment: They will seal off the affected area and clean thoroughly.
Removal: Any damaged materials will be securely removed from the premises to prevent the spread of mold spores.
Restoration: Areas that have damage will be completely restored. This could be as simple as new drywall after fixing a leak, or a more extensive reconstruction of an area that is susceptible to continued water damage.

Battling mold growth, whether in a small area or a large one, is a big job that is best left to the professionals for the long-term benefit of your business.

Reasons for Noisy Pipes

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Bursting pipe with the words FIX RIGHT AWAY If you have encountered a broken pipe you should fix it right away

Reasons for Noisy Pipes

Water damage is a common concern for homeowners because of the rapid and costly damage that ensures from a pipe break or other water issue. With the fear of repairs lurking in their minds, many homeowners worry when they hear strange noises coming from the pipes. While some concern is normal, most noises stem from three fixable problems.

1. Loose Connections
The primary cause of whistling from faucets is not a pipe burst. Instead, the likely culprit is a loose or worn-out washer. You can often correct the problem by tightening the little screw in the handle of the faucet. However, if the noise is coming from multiple sinks and it does not matter which faucet is open, you may want to call a plumbing specialist in Fairview, NC, to have a look.

2. Faulty Ballcock
If you hear a rushing or hissing sound, do not immediately bring the alarm for a pipe break. Many hissing sounds stem from toilet appliances. The most likely cause is a loose or old ballcock in the toilet tank. If you replace the mechanism in the tank, the problem noise should correct itself. If the noise persists, it can speak to another problem deeper in the system, so you would likely want to have it assessed.

3. Rapid Cutoffs
There is one noise that could suggest you need to fix the broken pipe or resolve the problem quickly. If you hear hammering or banging when turning on or off the water supply, you have a rapid shutoff occurring in the system. The constant banging can cause loose connections or leaks if left unresolved.
While homeowners worry about a pipe break or sudden water damage, there is often little to fear from the noises in your pipes. Sounds only indicate that something requires your attention, but that doesn't always equate to costly and time-consuming repairs.