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Don’t Let Mold Drive You Out of Your Home

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Don’t Let Mold Drive You Out of Your Home

As the primary cause of residential mold growth in Asheville, NC unanticipated water incursions may have a variety of sources. Mold needs this kind of moisture to thrive, and it can spread throughout an entire home in under 48 hours. With these facts in mind, mold prevention is the key to stopping its destructive tendencies when unexpected water damage occurs.

Where Does Mold Come From?

Major flooding can wreak havoc on both the interior and exterior of your house. Building materials and household items such as carpet, rugs, walls and furniture retain moisture even after the water has been cleared from your property. However, significant natural disasters aren’t the only way that this organism can find its way into your home. Several other smaller events can result in dangerous mold growth:

Leaky pipes
Seepage through walls or roofs
Excessively damp indoor air

Mold needs three things to encourage its growth: abundant moisture, food sources and a hospitable surface to host it. Water damage sets the stage, but organic substances, including cellulose-based materials such as wood, cardboard, paper facing on drywall and even wallpaper, serve as ideal nourishment for this type of fungus.

What Kind of Destruction Can Mold Cause?

Mold digests organic material, then spreads both in search of food and to reproduce new colonies. Common impacts include an unpleasant “earthy” aroma, discoloration to affected areas and eventually weakening of structural integrity.

What Mold Prevention Steps Can I Take?

A quick response is vital if you wish to preserve the condition of your home after leaks, climate control malfunctions, flooding or other potential sources of water damage. Your first step should be to immediately contact a water removal and restoration company in Asheville, NC. Meanwhile, shut off your home’s HVAC system and fans, avoid affected indoor areas, and do not attempt any cleanup or removal on your own. These tips not only preserve your health and safety but leave the way clear for the pros to do their job and get you back into your home. Visit for more information on mold.

The Right Way To Use a Fire Extinguisher

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The Right Way To Use a Fire Extinguisher

One of the most important safety lessons anyone in Asheville, NC can learn is how to properly utilize a fire extinguisher. In the event of a manageable emergency, such as a small kitchen fire, an individual can often take quick action. It’s crucial to correctly activate, aim and discharge an extinguisher in order to achieve the greatest benefit, and to prevent potential fire damage from becoming worse.

Take These First Steps

First, always ensure the safety of people or animals in the event of a fire. Evacuate the building and contact the fire department, even if you’re attempting to extinguish flames on your own. Only attempt to employ a fire extinguisher for a small, non-spreading blaze, and always ensure there’s an exit available at your back in case you need to escape quickly. Do not remain in any room where there’s a large amount of smoke.

Remember To ‘PASS’

There are four main steps to follow when using fire extinguishers, and the acronym “PASS” can make them easier to remember:

PULL: Remove the pin at the top of the extinguisher and break the safety seal to activate it.
AIM: Point the extinguisher’s hose or nozzle low, toward the fire’s base.
SQUEEZE: Firmly squeeze the handle to propel the contents from the extinguisher.
SWEEP: Spray from side to side in a sweeping motion, attacking the base of the fire until it is fully extinguished.

Keep in mind that smoldering embers and other unseen heat sources are capable of reigniting flames. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 if this should occur.

Helpful Reminders

A typical fire extinguisher will be exhausted in fewer than 10 seconds; if the fire’s not out by then, you must evacuate the building. Never attempt to battle flames in the interest of preserving property. Professional fire recovery technicians in Asheville, NC can always assist in salvaging and repairing fire damage following a kitchen fire or other home disaster. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Sewage Backup After Heavy Rains

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Sewage Backup After Heavy Rains

Heavy raining and other storms in Asheville, NC can wreak havoc on your business. Most people know about the damage that strong wind, flooding, and lightning can cause during these storms. However, many people are surprised to learn that sewer backup is a significant concern as well.

When your area floods, your business is at risk at having sewage come up the pipes. Of course, sewage in your commercial building is terrible for business. That’s why it’s important to understand what causes this damage and what to do about it when it happens to you.

What Causes Sewage Backup During Rain

When rain water comes down heavily and saturates the ground, it can cause a city’s sewage system to overload. Since most municipal sewage systems are aging and damaged to some degree, this can cause waste to come back up the pipes and into homes and businesses. A few other factors contribute to sewer backup:

• No sewer backflow prevention device in the building
• Combined storm and sewage pipelines
• Damage from tree roots
• A blockage in the city’s sanitary main

Any combination of these factors can lead to what is known as “black water,” or sewage, spilling into your business.

How to Prevent It

You can help prevent black water from entering your business. However, there are no guarantees. With heavy enough rains, backup is still possible. You can take these steps in your building to mitigate that risk:

• Install a prevention valve
• Replace plumbing with plastic pipes that trees can’t damage
• Repair any damaged lines

These solutions involve costly and time-consuming repairs. However, you can also help prevent backup by keeping your pipes as clean as possible. Be sure to dispose of grease and paper products properly.

What to Do

If sewer backup affects your business after heavy rains, be sure to call a professional cleanup crew in Asheville, NC. While you could try to clean it yourself, an expert crew is better equipped to disinfect your business correctly.
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Tips When Choosing a Commercial Fire Damage Company

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Tips When Choosing a Commercial Fire Damage Company

Fire damage on commercial properties is devastating to both the business owner and the customers. What are the traits to look for in a commercial fire damage restoration company? If you are not sure about the qualities to check for, consider using the following tips to get a fire restoration company for restoration of your business.

1. Quick Response

Currently, the fire damage management industry has many providers claiming to be professionals. The saturation makes it hard to find the perfect fire restoration company and qualified firefighter in the time of need. Going through the work description and comments from past clients is the easiest way to know whether the providers respond on time to utility room fire. A reliable outlet should have readily available resources like fire sprinkler system, fire hose, and fire truck to handle problems like the electrical fire to prevent commercial fire damage on assets. They ought to have working phone numbers for ease of access.

2. Equipment

After setting up your commercial building, it is advisable to search for fire damage professionals. Pay a visit to various facilities to check on the tools like a fire hose of a fire suppression company. Examine the nature of their fire truck, fire hose, staffs, and horse pipes. They use the fire sprinkler system for mitigating soot damage, smoke damage, and smoke smell. Make sure that all supporting tools are in good shape and can keep off fire instantly. The workers must be familiar with fire sprinkler system, fire hose, fire truck, and managing an electrical fire. The fire remediation entity should possess the latest and efficient equipment to deal with utility room fire, smoke smell, soot damage, and smoke damage.

3. Specialty

Find out the area of specialization of the fire suppression company you wish to hire. Concentrate on entities that serve commercial facilities as they have the required resources for factories and office fire. Fire cleanups do not stop after the company puts out the fire with related extinguishers, fire sprinkler system or water. You should consider handling methods used to manage soot damage, utility room fire, and smoke damage. The providers must be a professional firefighter in handling fragile commodities and electrical fire.

4. Experience

The duration a fire restoration firm has been in practice, and the kind of projects they have completed determine their experience. Find out the specific skills a fire restoration entity has in remediating fire aftermath in businesses. During the period they have been in existence, the workers have participated in managing commercial fire damage, electrical fire and soot damage in various offices and manufacturing firms. They must have insurance covers, licenses, and certificates.

5. Right Team

Consider planning for a meeting with the potential teams to find out if they are the right people for commercial fire damage. Qualified fire suppression experts have specialized equipment for smoke damage and soot damage. They should have operational phone numbers and a fire truck to respond to clients throughout the day and night. The team has a positive reputation in the market.

6. Service Cost

Request for quotes from three firefighter firms and pick one with the best offer. Identify the fixed charges that you must incur once you call the fire suppression company. The price charged depends on the nature of fire and distance from their facility. They look at the labor amount, the extent of damage, and repair work needed when fixing their rates. Discuss the likely fire damage in a commercial facility when getting the quotes.

Rapid response to commercial fire damage is essential. Avoid shutting the business for long to protect its future. Talk to an experienced and certified fire restoration entity that responds immediately to solve all damage types and financial losses.
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Benefits Of Hiring A Fire Restoration Company

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

Benefits Of Hiring A Fire Restoration Company

Are you dealing with a fire in home or fire in business situation? Wondering what you need to do to get the situation under control and restore your property? Dealing with a home or commercial fire damage can be difficult and needs to be handled by fire damage professionals.

A fire in home or fire in business incident can happen without warning. From smoke smell to soot damage and smoke damage, a fire in home or fire in business situation can be very difficult to deal with. If a residential or commercial fire damage is not cleaned up immediately, smoke smell, soot damage and smoke damage can cause serious issues, resulting in additional damage to the structure and valuables in your business or home. When fire in home or fire in business occurs, it is imperative to call restoration company professionals.

Inspection and Fire Damage Assessment

Fire cleanup technicians will identify the full extent of fire damage to the property and its contents, both obvious and unseen. Trained technicians use use sensors such as hygrometers and moisture detectors. And, these professionals help you overcome your feeling of helplessness by taking the time to explain the fire cleanup process in a way that you can understand the situation you're dealing with, what to expect, and what steps they plan to take to restore the property to good condition.

Immediate Board Up and Roof Tarp

Board up and roof tarp are absolutely essential during a restoration project. Fire in home or fire in business can often compromise roofs, walls, and windows. Once the restoration process begins, residential and commercial fire damage technicians take precautions to prevent additional damage.

To maintain security and to provide protection against further damage, technicians can board up walls and windows and place tarps on damaged roofs.

Remove Residue And Smoky Odors

It is extremely important to eliminate smoke smell, and repair any damage to the structure of the residential or commercial building. Professionals from a restoration company will take appropriate steps to remove smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell.

Residential or commercial fire damage technicians will use their high-tech equipment and advanced technology to achieve satisfactory results during the process of fire restoration. These professionals will remove the source of smoke smell, clean any valuables that can be salvaged, eliminate any lingering odor with professional strength deodorizers and odor counteractant. Finally, the residential or commercial fire damage professionals will seal salvageable to prevent additional recontamination.


This is the final step in the process - getting your business or residential property to its pre-fire state. This phase usually involve doing minor repairs to the property, including replacing drywall, installing new carpet, and painting. Sometimes, this may involve major repair projects such as reconstruction.

Peace Of Mind

Expert fire cleanup or fire damage restoration is a great way to ensure the job is done correctly. Professional service gives you the peace of mind you need after a fire in your residence or business. When performed properly, professional service can remove smoke smell, soot damage and any sign of fire damage to the property. Experienced fire damage restoration technicians can handle the fire cleanup effectively, including soot damage and smoke damage.


Fires can result in severe damage to your business or home. After the fire trucks leave, there is a huge amount of work to be done. Your property will likely suffer fire and smoke damage, as well as tremendous flooding and water damage from firefighting efforts.

It is crucial to hire residential or business fire damage restoration technicians to board up and handle fire damage restoration. It is also very important to understand that any successful fire in business or fire in home project goes beyond just cleaning up the smoke damage or soot damage. Restoration after a fire damage must be handled properly by a reliable restoration company to ensure a successful outcome.
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The Process of Professional Storm Damage Restoration

10/3/2017 (Permalink)

The Process of Professional Storm Damage Restoration

As human activities continue to interfere with the natural stability of ecosystems, natural disasters continue to affect people. The impacts of natural disasters can be catastrophic since they lead to many losses. Natural disasters such as storms may cause flooding, hurricane damage, tornadoes, river flooding, snowstorms, and ice damming or ice damage from ice dams. Storm damage leaves you with different types of damages including water damages due to flooding, structure damages, roof leak, and roof damage. When you want to restore your home after a wind damage, it is important for you to seek services from companies that provide professional storm remediation. A flood pump will ensure ground water is pumped out quickly since frozen pipes will not allow water out.

Below are the steps that you could follow suffering a storm damage to ensure that you reduce the losses that result from flooding:
i. Emergency contact. The first step in professional storm restoration is contacting your water restoration company to inform them of the damages and levels of ground water due to flood water. Most storm restoration companies provide services on a 24/7 basis and you will be able to contact them anytime. If there is roof damage due to roof leak and require immediate roof repair, you should inform the storm restoration company.

ii. Focus on your health and safety first. Storm disasters come with water damages and it is necessary to ensure that you switch off all power sources in your home or business. It is also important to note that storm remediation process begins immediately your water restoration company personnel arrives on the site. The level of river flooding, wind damage, flood water, ice damming, hail damage, ice damage, and river flooding in your property will determine the number of frozen pipes. Restoration should begin immediately after the storm or after the water levels have gone down. You should also use a flood pump to get rid of the flood water and ground water that may be the source of water damage to your property. Block broken water pipes to limit water inflow and minor roof leaks fixed.

iii. Documentation of storm damage: Documentation of all damages be it storm damage, water damage, wind damage, hurricane damage, ice damage from ice dams, hail damage, and roof damage is necessary, as they will help you in filling insurance claims. In there is ground water that has found its way into your house, use flood pump to get rid of it. This should be carried out as soon as you are able to access your property safely and you can do it through taking photographs and recording videos. Ice damming resulting from ice dams lead to frozen pipes that affects the water supply.

iv. Contact your insurance company. You should also make sure that you contact your insurance agent to allow him or her conduct any required inspection on your damaged property. Contacting your insurance company should be made as quick as possible to initiate the compensation process.

v. Consider looking into Federal Disaster Assistance: The federal government always seeks to help victims of wind damage and river flooding afford proper storm remediation. If you live in an area that has been declared as a disaster area, you can seek low-cost loans that may be provided by the federal government to facilitate home restoration services of your home such as repairs for a minor roof leak, management of water damage, wind damage, hurricane damage, hail damage, and roof damage

vi. The home restoration process involves restoring your home to its initial state. It will involve window and door replacement, furniture and content replacement, home restoration of electric and water supplies, and debris removal. Hail damages require a water restoration expert to help you carry out proper roof repairs where necessary. Frozen dams and frozen pipes caused by ice damming from ice dams should be heated up to restore the normal supply of water. Water restoration processes also involve the use of dehumidifiers to get rid of moisture and water suckers to pump water out. Roof repair will also be necessary to fix minor roof leaks.

To reduce the damages of flooding, flood water should be pumped first through the use of a flood pump. Other types of damages such as wind damage, water damage, hurricane damage, hail damage, ice damage, and roof damage could be mitigated through roof repair and other forms of storm remediation. The urgency through which the home restoration company shall respond to your emergency call and the steps they will take toward storm restoration will determine the success of the storm remediation.
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What to Consider When Looking for Water Damage Restoration Services

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What to Consider When Looking for Water Damage Restoration Services

Water in home or water in business is nowadays a common occurrence. The majority of these situations are caused by things that can be prevented while a number of them are natural calamity such as storms. Regardless of the cause of a flooded home, it is imperative for the owner to take immediate steps towards restoration. Flood damage is critical because it could cause more loss of property and derail business operations.

If you have a flooded home, the most important thing is to take immediate actions to ensure that this situation is brought under control immediately. However, many homeowners do not know what they could do instead they panic and take actions that deteriorate the situation or cause more damages.

What are the causes a flooded home or business?
There are different causes of water in home or water in business. Some of the most common causes include toilet overflows, supply line break, water pipe break, faulty plumbing system and other natural incidences such as storms. Whatever leads to an influx of water in your home or business premises, the most important thing is to ensure that a water cleanup is done to prevent water damage.

Excessive water can cause damages to your wooden floor, destroy your belongings and furniture among many other. This costly damage caused by supply line break or pipe break could create a hazardous environment. You need to treat the situation as an emergency because further delay would lead to advanced flood damage.

When faced with this kind of situation in your home or business, it is imperative that you contact a local damage restoration company. Water in home or water in business can be restored by professionals. A flooded home would undergo clean up and subsequent restoration or mitigation.

It is essential that homeowners have emergency contacts to be able to call a professional water damage restoration company in the event of a flooded home. You never know when water in home situation could occur; hence, you ought to be ready. The supply line break or the pipe break is some of the things that have to be restored immediately.

The advantages of using a professional restoration company

Immediate response: The water in home or water in business is a situation that requires an immediate response because of the danger it poses to the property. Hiring professionals, you can be assured that they would come to your aid immediately. They would first repair the pipe break or supply line break. The main aim is to minimize the loss hence they could also provide you with some guidance on what to do before their arrival.

Effective inspection: The first thing before the process for water damage restoration and mitigation begins is to create a plan. It indicates that professionals have defined steps that would make sure that the situation is brought under control. The assessment process involves the determination of the most effective approach to the situation. They also do documentation of the damages, which you can also use to file for insurance claims.

Expert water cleanup and drying process: A good restoration company would have all the necessary equipment to begin the extraction process. They use modern techniques to remove all the water damage, moisture and debris. The wet belongings are taken to a safe custody for drying.

The experts are knowledgeable on the best water cleanup methods using the modern equipment that include moisture detection cameras among other which enable effective and efficient restoration. After the removal of moisture, the drying process begins immediately after disinfection and sanitization. The drying process is achieved through tools such as the dehumidifier. The importance of ensuring sufficient drying is to prevent fungal growth.

Professionals are equipped with skills, tools, and knowledge: The flood damage mitigation and restoration is done using state of the art equipment. This process usually begins within 48 hours. The mitigation process ensures thorough water cleanup, repair of pipe break or supply line break among other. Flood damage can have cost implication in home or business if not taken care quickly.
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Tips To Prevent Water Damage Before Professionals Arrive

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Tips To Prevent Water Damage Before Professionals Arrive

In every instance of water damage, restoration professionals should be called to the scene to inspect the damage, perform mitigation, and undertake restoration. Whether the source is from a pipe break, supply line break, or flooded home, restoration professionals are the people with the knowledge and equipment to minimize damage. What do you do before restoration experts arrive, though? If you have water in your home or water in your business, there is going to be a period of time that elapses before mitigation by professionals can begin. During this time, you can do a few things to help prepare a home or business for a restoration company to take over.

Things you can do before the restoration company arrives

If you have a flooded home, chances are you're not just going to want to sit around with water on all of your things. There are a few things you can do while waiting for the restoration company to get on the scene that will help minimize water damage and prep the area for the restoration company. In fact, the water cleanup can begin with those few moments you spend waiting for the professionals. Here are just a few things to do after you've experienced flood damage:

- Mop or blot the surrounding area in your home or business
- Turning on air conditioning is going to help begin drying
- Delicate items that haven't succumbed to water in the home or water in the business can be removed to a safe place
- Picking up anything from the floor that hasn't gotten wet yet can help

These few little things can help some of your items escape water damage. While it doesn't seem like much, this small water cleanup can really help professionals minimize flood damage in a flooded home.

Turning it over to mitigation professionals

If you've done these few things when there's water in your home or water in your business, then you've done the most you could to protect your items from water damage. You've moved some items out of harm's way and began the drying process, however ineffective it might be if you left it at that and called no one. Water cleanup started with these few things.

Now professionals will enter your flooded home and assess the cause of the damage. They will check to see if it was natural flooding, a supply line break, a pipe break, or a leaking appliance. While the air conditioner did a bit of driving, professional mitigation experts will have industrial dryers and water movers that will finish the water cleanup efficiently. Drying with these large industrial dryers is often the only way to ensure a complete and thorough mitigation process. Without professional drying, the flood damage will permanently ruin many of your precious items in your home or business.

Don't make the mistake that so many people make and do absolutely nothing during a crisis such as this. If there is water in a home or water in a business, you aren't completely helpless to do anything. Flood damage can be minimized by prepping the area for a professional to arrive. In the case of a supply line break or a pipe break, you might want to wait for professionals. After all, a supply line break or a pipe break isn't going to be immediately visible. This means a professional will have to assess the reason for the water flooding into the home. In those cases, you're fine to wait for professionals to arrive.

In other cases where you stand by and helplessly watch water flooding onto your personal belongings, you CAN do at least something while you wait for professionals to arrive. By doing those few little prepping actions, you're going to make it much easier for professionals to do a more thorough and faster cleanup later on, saving many of your valuable things.
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Tips to Mitigate Residential or Commercial Fire Damage

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Tips to Mitigate Residential or Commercial Fire Damage

If you have experienced a fire in home or fire in business, you need to take a truly proactive stance to mitigate associated fire damage. There are some tips to bear in mind when it comes to mitigating residential or commercial fire damage.

Engage a Professional Restoration Company

The most important step that you must take in order to appropriate mitigate fire damage is to promptly engage the services of a professional restoration company. The stark reality is that only a professional restoration company is capable of providing the comprehensive range of services needed following a fire in home or fire in businesses. This includes tending to the full spectrum of matters that must be addressed after a residential or commercial fire, including board up and fire cleanup. You must engage a professional service that directly addressed fire damage issues that include smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell.

Obtain Professional Fire Damage Restoration Assistance Immediately

Another tip to bear in mind when faced with residential or commercial fire damage is the need to obtain professional fire damage restoration assistance immediately. You actually can cause further damage if you try to deal with fire damage remediation on your own. In addition, residential and commercial fire damage can become aggravated if professional intervention is not sought immediately in the aftermath of a fire in home or fire in business.

For example, board up work needs to be undertaken at a residence of business directly after a fire. Board up protects and secures the premises. In addition, facilitating a proper board up of the premises prevents unnecessary further deterioration following a fire in house or fire in business.

Engage a Restoration Company that Provides Comprehensive Services

One useful tip to bear in mind when it comes to remediating fire damage is to utilize a firm that provides comprehensive services. You ensure efficient, affordable remediation when you engage a restoration company that provides everything from initial fire cleanup to services designed to address smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell.

When it comes to fire cleanup, you need to make sure a company has the capacity to immediately and rapidly deal with water. A common type of fire-related damage is caused by water used to put out the fire. A fire damage restoration company must have the skillset necessary to address water damage during the initial fire cleanup process.

On a related note, the equipment utilized to a company to address issues like smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell also needs to be top of the line. A tip to ensure quality fire cleanup and restoration from a firm depends on the equipment it utilizes in regard to smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell.

Fire Mitigation Specialists at a Fire Damage Restoration Company

Another tip associated with retaining the services of the best possible fire mitigation company is to thoroughly check the credentials of the specialists that will be assigned to work on your case. First of all, you definitely to ensure that you engage a company with specialists who have a broad background in fire in home or fire in business mitigation and restoration services.

You also need to make certain that specialists contemplated for your residence or business are all properly licensed, bonded, and insured. You need to select a company that mitigates residential or commercial fire damage that is committed to ensuring that all of its specialists are appropriately screened and subject to thorough background checks.

Price Comparisons are Important

Once you identify a fire mitigation firm that provides comprehensive services, you need to compare pricing. There can be significant differences in the fees charged by fire mitigation and restoration firms, even for the same services. Time is of the essence when it comes to engaging a fire mitigation and restoration firm. Nonetheless, you must take a reasonable amount of time to compare pricing between these restoration companies.
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The Proper Way to Handle Mold Issues

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The Proper Way to Handle Mold Issues

Mold damage occurs because of moisture, humidity, and heat. Mold growth is common following water damage such as a flood, but it’s not uncommon to find mold damage behind walls after a leak inside the walls or even a slow leak from an exterior pipe. The issue with mold damage and mold growth is it’s not always visible to home and business owner. This means mold in the home can grow for months before anyone is wiser, and commercial mold damage might go unnoticed for months. Even if the issue isn’t black mold, mold growth is dangerous.

There might be some signs people notice before they realize mold damage is a problem. Dry rot, a smelly odor, the frequent use of deodorization, and even the presence of fungus and mildew in bathrooms and basements. Another problem is many signs of mold in the home and commercial mold damage are ignored when signs like mildew and fungus are present in bathrooms and basements. Too many homeowners and business owners assume it’s natural to find mildew and/or fungus in these rooms, but it’s anything but normal.

Identifying Potential Mold in the Home and/or Commercial Mold Damage

Home and business owners looking to see if there is any mold damage in their home or in their business might miss the signs if they’re not familiar with them. Aside from dry rot, smelly odor, additional deodorization techniques not working well, and even mildew and fungus, there are many signs. Mold removal might be necessary when any of these issues are found.

Professional remediation and mitigation are always the best option when commercial mold damage or mold in the home is located. One of the most common signs of mold growth behind walls is the presence of dry rot. While dry rot doesn’t always indicate mold growth behind the walls, it’s a sign there is or was water damage or moisture in the home at some point.

A smelly odor is another big sign of mold growth. This smelly odor typically has a musty scent to it. Home and business owners might use deodorization to get rid of it before realizing it’s not entirely effective. It’s the use of professional deodorization with professional equipment a restoration company offers that gets rid of this smelly odor permanently.

Another common issue people face is the assumption that mold isn’t a problem if it’s not black mold. It’s not just black mold home and business owners must take seriously. All mold is problematic. All mold has the potential to cause serious damage to a home or business, and it must be handled accordingly.

Handling Mold Damage Accordingly

Remediation, mitigation, and mold removal services with the help of a professional restoration company are all requirements when mold is located anywhere. A restoration company has the correct equipment to properly handle mold removal, to dry damp areas, and to prevent mold from occurring again. Mitigation and remediation aren’t an option, but there are a few things home and business owners can do while waiting on a restoration company to appear.

Everyone can perform their own small form of mitigation and remediation while waiting for professional help. Without damaging any of the mold or attempting mold removal of the DIY variety to prevent the further spread of mold spores, home and business owners can begin removing water completely. They can shut down the air or heat to prevent mold spores from being distributed throughout the home faster and more efficiently, and they can leave the mold alone.

DIY mold removal is never a good idea. It’s only going to make the situation worse. Mold growth behind the walls could be black mold, but the truth is all mold growth behind the walls, visible in any room, or anywhere else requires the professionalism of a restoration company. Hiring professionals is the only option to prevent further mold growth and damage. Call the pros to help with the removal of mold and to prevent more expensive damage later.
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