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Tips for Using a Drain Snake

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

A new plumber's snake Drain snakes all perform the same function, but they may vary in operation

Here Is a Guide For Using a Drain Snake

Dealing with clogged pipes in your Biltmore, NC, home is never fun, but it's a crucial task, nonetheless. If you suspect that your home's pipes are obstructed, take action as soon as possible. If too much pressure builds up, it can cause a pipe break. Here is a guide for using a drain snake so you can keep your pipes clean and avoid a costly home repair.

1. Find the right drain snake

Drain snakes all perform the same function, but they may vary in operation. Also called augers, drain snakes are slender, coiled tools that clear clogs in the opposite manner of plungers. Rather than pulling material out of pipes, snakes push into the obstruction and break it up. Drain snakes are long and flexible so they can reach clogs deep inside pipes. Some snakes are handheld; others are drill attachments.

2. Clear the clog

Once you have your drain snake, it's time to clear out your clogged pipes. To start, manually insert the head of the snake into the pipe. Next, use the handle to start uncoiling the snake and continue pushing the snake into the drain until you feel resistance. Go slowly and keep the snake's handle as close to the entrance of the pipe as possible for maximum control and force.
When you encounter the portion that is stopped up, rotate the snake as much as possible. This movement digs into the clog and breaks it up. Continue winding the snake until it uncoils to its full length. When the resistance stops, pull the snake out and run water full-force for a few minutes. If the water moves freely, you have successfully removed the clog.

3. Avoid future stoppages

Keep your pipes clean to avoid future blockages. You can use sink strainers to prevent buildups. If you have a garbage disposal, take care to use it properly. Run cold water while using the disposal and for a minute afterward. This helps ensure that all garbage is thoroughly flushed out of the pipe.
Clearing a clogged drain with a snake can be quite simple. However, some obstructions may require the knowledge and equipment of professional residential cleaners.

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